Silverio Desantis, Turin (ITALY), 1988.
Interested in photography and cinema since the age of 15, I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in DAMS – Cinema and a Master’s Degree in New Technologies of Art (both in Turin), also studying for a year as a Multimedia Technician in Rome.

During the university years I had the opportunity to gain different experience, covering various tasks in the field of audiovisual production (from directing to scenography, passing through the direction of photography and production) and coming into contact with many professionals in the sector, in an environment of continuous and reciprocal creative stimuli.

In 2017 I moved to Iceland for a year, where I taught photography and where I had the opportunity to meet and collaborate with different artists from all over the world.

I currently work and collaborate throughout Italy as a filmmaker, photographer and visual artist for various projects, always available to move to other parts of the world.