Lucca Comics | Images Symphony (shortmovie, 2019): Official Selection (Japan World’s Tourism Film Festival 2021).

Una finestra sul Monferrato – A Window on Monferrato (photo contest 2020): Member of the Jury.

Light Brushes (photographic project, 2016): Official Selection (HEREX2017, Cavallerizza Reale 2017).

Redrigerator (shortmovie, 2015): Best Cinematography (Vizioso Film Festival 2015); 3° place (Switch on Your Creativity 2015); Official Selection (Corto in Accademia 2015); Official Selection (Premio Stefano Contessa 2015); Winner “New Languages” (Sguardi Resilienti Festival 2018).

Thanks Zuckerberg (shortmovie, 2013): Official Selection (Corto Villese 2014); Official Selection (Bracciano Film Festival 2014).

Metropolitale (urban/street art, 2012): Winner (Art Mob Competition 2012).